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Hire me to be your personal running coach!

Work with me…
Do you want to take your running to the next level, but you’re not sure how, or what that even means?
Are you looking for structure and accountability?
Are you overwhelmed by all the information coming at you online?
Are you getting back into running or getting into for the first time after having a baby and short on time?
Are you training for a 5k, 10k, half marathon or marathon?

If any of these sound like you…
I can help.
I get what it’s like to be busy. I am a full-time stay at home mom of two young kids, a freelance writer, and a group fitness instructor. I understand the Tetris game of fitting your runs into your jam-packed calendar.

I get what it’s like to not even be sure if you’re “good enough” to hire professional help. I was there. I’d gone from consistently mediocre to above average on my own and thought just maybe, a coach with some experience, knowledge, and objectivity could help me realize my potential. But I was scared to ask for help; worried what my friends would think; worried I’d be wasting my money on information I could find in a book. If you’re where I was, stop that. Just stop. Because a) you’re worth it b) your friends really don’t care, I promise.

As a kid, I hated sports. I was picked last for every team. By a fluke, I discovered that I loved running. Of course, it wasn’t right away. First I had to get over the sensation of wanting to die after a jog around the block. (That sucked.) Something compelled me to keep running and eventually, I completed six marathons, two Ironman triathlons, as well as countless other endurance events. I have a masters degree in occupational therapy and over ten years of clinical experience; Understanding how the mind, body, and spirit influence performance is my jam. Let me bring my personal and professional experience to work for you.

My PR’s:
Marathon  3:46:26
Half Marathon  1:44:37 (nine months postpartum!)
10 Mile 1:20:24 (official)  1:19:35  (unofficial)
10k  47:20
5k  21:58 (after having my second kid!)
1 mile  6:40

My Services
Personal Run Coaching (primarily online, though I’d love to meet up if you live in the Boulder area).
Investment: $85/month

-Initial conversation either in person, over Skype, or over the phone.

-Personalized web based training calendar

-A customized plan that takes into account your history, and your current situation (work, travel, family, etc) to help you reach your goals.

-Adjustments to the plan as needed

-Unlimited communication with me via email and text

-Monthly phone call

-No minimum commitment. (However for best results, plan to work together for at least 3-6 months).

Ready to get started? Have questions?
Email me: pam.sinel(at)

I look forward to hearing from you!


“I participated in my first triathlon (a relatively short Sprint) in 2009, and quickly made the (crazy?) decision to register for a half Ironman, right after it. I knew I needed some assistance, and Pam was starting to explore coaching. I knew she’d done the specific race I’d signed up for, so I figured it was a great match.

Pam Moore run coach

photo courtesy of Jacob Brier

And, it was. While the training was challenging, working with Coach Pam was easy and it was effective. She knew how to help me build from running a 5k to completing a half marathon, and how to work on my nutrition to fuel myself for 70.3 miles. Everybody trains differently and has different needs, but of Pam’s many strengths as a coach, the one I appreciated most is likely to work well for pretty much anybody… communication. It can be difficult to coach/be coached primarily online or over the phone, but Pam was able to break through that barrier because of her effective communication skills. She was able to clearly explain not only *what* I needed to execute for each training session, but *why* the assignments were designed the way they were and what benefit I’d get from them. That was particularly helpful as a new triathlete who had never done any endurance competitions in the past.

Pam helped me improve in all three disciplines, and I finished the race with a good enough experience to sign up for a full distance Ironman shortly after. I highly recommend working with her to anybody looking for a coach who not only knows what she’s talking about, but can help her athletes understand it!”

-Jacob Brier, Co-founder of LIFEcycle, Inc, Barrington, RI

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