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Hi and welcome to my blog! My name is Pam Moore. I started Whatevs… in 2007 because I had just completed my first ironman triathlon, and every triathlete had a blog except me.  Also, my friends said I was funny and I should start a blog, and I was like, “No, really I’m not that funny, the blog wouldn’t be that great, whatever, ” but secretly I hoped my blog would become wildly popular. Actually, no one has stopped me in the grocery store yet because of my being a famous blogger.

Since I started the blog, I moved from Rhode Island to Boulder, Colorado with everything I could fit in my Jetta, the promise of a sort-of job, and the hope that everything would turn out alright. A couple of weeks later, I met my husband, Dan, which I am pretty sure was because I said “I want a boyfriend” out loud four times, because my mom said if you really want something, you should  say it out loud four times, which was definitely true because Elizabeth Gilbert said it on Oprah (mom + Elizabeth Gilbert + Oprah = Wisdom Trifecta).

In between completing one more ironman triathlon, running my fifth and sixth marathons, doing lots of other running and multi-sport training and racing, Dan and I got married, adopted  backyard chickens, and had our first baby in 2012 (Sweet Pea),  andhad another baby in 2014 (Lady Bug). Both of our girls were born at home, which inspired me to begin working on a book about home birth.  Currently, I work part-time as an occupational therapist, I teach indoor cycling classes, and I’ve had the honor of co-producing Boulder’s Listen To Your Mother Show in 2013 and 2014. Meanwhile, I’m still chipping away at my goals of qualifying for the Boston Marathon (Click here to check out my personal records) and getting my writing out there, and writing a book on home birth.



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